Anger management classes are currently held only online.

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Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned. -Buddha

Dr. Gary is a Certified Anger Management Specialist who specializes in individuals who struggle and have difficulties with expressing their feelings of rage and stress. His Anger Management classes put a direct focus on significant concerns of anger; he utilizes teaching methods and practices to avoid hostility, cruelty, fighting, aggression, and other violent behaviors.

In Dr. Gary’s anger management classes individuals will experience an open dialogue engaging in ways to handle and manage anger. Anger management classes are currently held 100% online via Zoom or Go To Meet. Court-ordered and faith-based institutions are welcome. Anger Management classes are fairly priced and accessible to fit all individual’s schedules.

Dr. Gary’s anger management classes can and will provide improvement in family disputes.  More so there are families who pursue anger management to improve their communication in their family relationships, friendships, and marriages.

Anger can be slanted as a spontaneous emotion; nevertheless, the mismanagement of anger and rage normally has a way of causing fights, disputes contradictions, and arguments. Which can affect the relationships in our personal, business, and professional life.

In visiting this website you may come to recognize that you have difficulties with rage, hostility, resentment, and anger. By this time most individuals will find themselves knowing that they have an anger problem. Anger can be classified as internal discomfort, grief, hurt, and, resentment this causes individuals to suppress their anger while holding on to their pain (abandonment, death of a loved one, abuse, rejection).

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